Staff Recruitment

We provide both human resourcing planning, Executive selection and Personnel outsourcing to our clients. Adopting wrong business strategies can impact on the organisation negatively, this is very apparent in the area of human resourcing and staff recruitment this is why we provide an effective and pragmatic Talent sourcing system.

How we go about finding the right person for your organisation :

Candidate Database - the most straight forward and cost effective way to source candidates across a wide range of disciplines and levels of expertise and the quickest way for candidates to kick start their job search. Provide us with a job brief and person specification and we can quickly search our online database to match your needs with suitably, pre-screened, candidates.

Advertised Selection - where no suitable candidates can be found via the use of our database, or where there is the need to look at a role from a wider perspective such as searching for candidates based on criteria such as customers, rather than products or core skills rather than specific industry knowledge, then advertised selection is an effective way of unearthing quality candidates.

Executive Search - where the role is very specialised or where companies are operating in a particular niche and require specific skills, then a targeted 'search' campaign (also known as headhunting) is often the most efficient and effective manner of securing the right candidate.

We also have expertise in Graduate Recruitment
We are always on the lookout for high calibre individuals who have the potential to be the senior managers and directors of the future.

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