Our Training Programmes

Management Development

Building the foundation for success requires the mastering of business essentials and acumen. This course offers an in-depth look at fundamental management development.

Financial Management

This course is designed to give you an introduction to business finance so you can contribute to your business's success.

Leadership Development

This course will forever remain invaluable for the personal growth of the senior executives participating in it and for the companies they manage.

Human Capital Management

This foundation training provides the necessary tools to build a successful foundation for every HR practitioners and non-HR practitioners with HR responsibilities.s

Marketing Management

The Relationship Management and marketing capabilities of managers always yield much more values than the usual marketing and customer servicing can do on their own, especially with high-profile corporate and individual customers.

Personal Skills Development

Interpersonal skills thought which people in organization can bring together their energy, commitment and right judgments in relating to colleagues, and even to external people.

Customer Service

This course reinvigorates the people on the frontline and their supervisors. They should put the right foot forward daily as a commitment to excellent service. Companies allocate huge sums of money for promotion and marketing.

Selling Skills & Sales

In today's competitive market place the role of marketing is vital for the success of the overall business and its achievements. This course will provide participants with the essential marketing skills needed at to maximize business opportunities.

Supervisory Management

Officers and technical people who may be or have just been promoted to supervisory grade. Also for foremen, superintendents and first line supervisory managers.

Strategic Management

Participants in this course will learn a process of crafting strategies to meet and manage the business and environmental changes. It is the logical process of strategic or corporate planning.

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